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Dr. H.B. Calder established Biotronic with the goal of allowing hospitals the freedom to offer their patients neural protection through high quality surgical monitoring without incurring the high cost of maintaining a surgical monitoring staff. Today, we have succeeded in providing reliable neurophysiologic monitoring services to hospitals across the country, and eliminating the troublesome problem that surgeons and hospital staff encounter when trying to arrange for neural monitoring on short notice, and often settling for improperly trained or inexperienced monitoring technologists and unsatisfactory service. Biotronic provides experienced IONM technologists and is committed to the best interests of the patient. Biotronic is the most trusted name in intraoperative monitoring and has remained the unchallenged industry leader since 1982.

The Biotronic NeuroNetwork is comprised of the following:  NeuralWatch, LLC, Biotronic Great Lakes, LLC, Biotronic National, LLC, Biotronic Midwest, LLC, Biotronic Southeast, LLC, Biotronic West, LLC, NeuroMed, LLC, and Calder Development Associates, Inc.

Choose Reliability. Choose QualityChoose Biotronic for all of your intraoperative monitoring needs.



Biotronic offers high quality, reliable IONM services by some of the top technologists in the country. With around the clock service, Biotronic is ready to provide you with the most effective IONM solutions when you need them.

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Biotronic knows that preparing for surgery can be a stressful time but you can rest assured that our highly trained monitoring technologists will work with your surgeon to reduce your risk of nerve damage and provide you with more enhanced surgical outcomes.

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Biotronic technologists and scheduling staff work around the clock and are available to cover practically any procedure anywhere, at any time. Our staff is available to cover late evening surgeries, holidays, weekends, and emergency cases. Biotronic has you covered 24/7/365 and can be reached at any time by a simple phone call.

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For scheduling, billing, contract, or other questions, contact our corporate headquarters. If you would like to stay up-to-date on current events, connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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