Education & Training


How are Biotronic technologists trained?

Biotronic provides one of the top training programs in the country. Training programs are available for individuals just entering the IONM field or for those who are more advanced; either way we provide all of the necessary tools to help you become a top technologist and an expert in IONM.

Biotronic’s training program consists of 5 weeks of didactic sessions and 9 weeks of clinical training under the guidance of a mentor. The classroom portion is made up of an intense series of lectures, assignments, labs, and examinations, whereas the clinical training gives technologists hands on experience and enhances the application of principles learned in the classroom. Following successful completion of this 14 week training, technologists will begin monitoring basic procedures in the operating room and prepare to master more advanced skills for more complex surgeries. Training at Biotronic is an ongoing endeavor. It can take 3 years or more before a technologist is competent in all forms of monitoring.

In a continuous effort to employ the most highly trained technologists in the industry, Biotronic requires all technologists to obtain national board certification in intraoperative monitoring. This certification is obtained by taking an exam called the Certification Examination in Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring, or CNIM. CNIM is designed and written for the advanced level electroneurodiagnostic professionals and is offered by the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists (ABRET).

Biotronic’s distinguished training program prepares technologists to a degree that our technologists have consistently passed the ABRET CNIM examination at a 97% pass rate, that’s nearly double the 56% national average pass rate. This success rate is a direct result of Biotronic’s advanced training program which teaches the most up-to-date techniques in IONM.

In addition to this cutting-edge training program, the high volume of surgeries that Biotronic provides monitoring for allows our technologists to develop and refine their expertise every day.

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