Hospital FAQ

Hospital FAQ

Biotronic provides real time remote supervision. Our proprietary software, “Biosphere” facilitates the constantly connected electronic environment for true, real-time interaction between the technologists and the interpreting physician, giving the surgeon the most up-to-date status of the patient’s neurological functions.

Biotronic NeuroNetwork is an organization accredited by the Joint Commission to perform delegated credentialing for healthcare facilities, performs full credentialing of Professional Monitors, including arranging for primary verification. Biotronic credentials our employees with our facility through your Human Resources Department as outlined in the Joint Commission Human Resource Standards Applicability to Contracted and Volunteer Personnel as well as Allied Health.

Biotronic performs approximately 45,000 procedures annually, and are growing rapidly. This experience cannot be duplicated by any other intraoperative neural monitoring company. Biotronic NeuroNetwork is managed by many prominent leaders in the intraoperative neural monitoring field.

Biotronic has unparalleled Liability Coverage. Biotronic’s Investment in liability coverage exceeds all other companies in the field. Additionally, each technologist carries professional liability coverage.

Biotronic supplies state of the art equipment, technology, and supplies. Our Hospital partners need only supply internet connectivity, and assist with physician credentialing.

Biotronic is HIPAA compliant and Joint Commission accredited.


We understand not every hospital has the same needs, therefore, Biotronic NeuroNetwork has committed to partnering with our hospitals to meet those individual needs.
Biotronic provides three options, a Comprehensive contract,  a Technical Only contract, that allows the hospital to provide professional oversight by its own qualified staff, and for emergent needs we also have a Short Term agreement available, this simple agreement is often the only option when cases are scheduled at the last minute, as it can generally be authorized promptly and is compliant with The Joint Commission for Accreditation.

Monitoring Protocol

The neural monitoring technologist will confirm the surgery time the evening before the procedure and/or the morning of, to ensure that surgeries are not missed due to changes in the schedule. When a Biotronic employee arrives in the surgical area, approximately one hour prior to the scheduled surgery time, he/she will notify the appropriate operating room (OR) staff of his/her arrival and arrange to have the equipment approved by the biomedical department as required by the hospital. The neural monitoring technologist will then change into surgical attire and set-up his/her equipment.

The neural monitoring technologist will see the patient in the pre-op holding area prior to entering the operating room. The neural monitoring technologist will introduce himself or herself, and take this opportunity to explain the procedures involved in neural monitoring, and answer any questions that the patient may have regarding the monitoring process.

The neural monitoring technologist will proceed to the operating room to monitor the case. When the surgeon arrives in the operating room, the neural monitoring technologist will confirm the type of procedure being performed as well as the types of monitoring that will be needed for neural protection during the case. During the surgery, the neural monitoring technologist will continuously monitor the patient and inform the surgeon of the patient’s neurophysiologic status, as deemed appropriate. While the neural monitoring technologist monitors the case from the hospital, a physician will oversee the surgery through a secure virtual private network (VPN) and can intervene if a complication arises.

A copy of the surgical monitoring log, along with pre-operative, intraoperative baseline, and closing responses, as well as any other significant information will be placed in the patient’s chart before the neural monitoring technologist leaves the hospital.

TJC Accreditation


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