Mission Statement


Medicine has entered an era of managed competition and fixed-price financing, where the paradigm has shifted from “quality care regardless of cost” to “quality care at reasonable cost.”  That imperative challenges physicians and health care organizations to deploy resources effectively and do more for less.

This is also Biotronic’s Mission:

Biotronic’s mission is to provide the highest quality intraoperative neural monitoring services, through a team of highly-trained professionals, supported by an industry-leading quality assurance program.

And Biotronic’s Vision:

Biotronic will continue to lead the intraoperative neural monitoring industry with our breadth of services, patient-centric focus, clinical research & education, geographic concentration and reach, and financial performance.

In pursuit of our mission & vision, Biotronic has assembled the clinical expertise and organizational capabilities needed to provide excellence in care and prompt, reliable service with managed cost efficiency.

As experts in this specialty, we take pride in partnering with hospitals and surgeons to obtain and analyze critical information during selective surgeries which place neural structures at risk.  The information we provide allows surgeons to intervene immediately to mitigate problems that may otherwise go undetected until after completion of the surgery.  We help you improve your quality and do so within a cost-effective partnership.

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